• Attachment Issues (specializing in adoption and foster care): Early childhood relationships, specifically with our primary caregivers, shape and form our social and internal worlds. Many struggle with relational stress, especially regarding avoidance and anxiety, due to the brokenness of those initial relationships. Yet, we are not doomed to live from these impoverished places because we can experience attachment, safety, and “mothering” later in life. I have focused much of my post graduate work and studies on repairing attachments.
  • Trauma: All of my clinical work during and after graduate school has been with trauma survivors. Since 2006, I have been closely involved with abducted children/former child soldiers in Gulu, Uganda and received training on the impacts of war for this population. Additionally, many of my clients in Seattle have suffered from childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence. I am a trained Trauma-Focused Cognitive Processing Therapist, the approved US therapy model for trauma survivors suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Racial Identity and Multicultural Issues: I am passionate about racial equality and recognize that many people of color have experienced rejection, oppression, dismissal, and worse – hatred. Much of my understanding in regard to the often maddening and complex terrain of living as a person of color has come from my own bi-racial experience. To become the fullness and GREATNESS of who you are meant to be often means a recognition of how you have been made small by a world of White Privilege, and that is true whether you are Black, Asian, Indian, Hispanic, Native…or White.
  • Kids, Teens, and Family/Parenting Issues: I am a Child Mental Health Specialist and spent three years working with families in “crisis” – which can be translated a myriad of ways. Some of those ways could be defined as suicidal thoughts, self harming behaviors (such as cutting), acting out with defiance, truancy and deviance, as well as basic family struggles when kids and parents clash. I work with adolescents individually, often addressing developmental and identity struggles, with families collectively, and with parents to restore hope so that they can offer empathy, compassion and love while also creating firm boundaries and structure in the home
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